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Gourmet Birthday Cakes & Pies

Tasty Gourmet Cakes for Party or Gift

Your choices for cakes usually include baking your own, grocery store bought, or gourmet bakeries. I prefer gourmet cakes because of the variety of flavors and designs. Gourmet cakes are especially convenient for "gift giving".

Order a cake today and support the Make A Wish Foundation

With Bake Me A Wish, you can enjoy high quality, award-winning gourmet cakes that can be personalized for your birthday occassion. Gourmet cakes make a great gift idea as well. Cakes can be shipped directly to that special person.

It is usually not recommended to order any food items to far in advance of the party or occassion since food items are perishable. Check the supplier to see that they have a Quality or Freshness Guarantee and a refund policy. Most reputable suppliers will guarantee their product and openly provide this information.

See our Party Food topic for more tips to consider when deciding on the type of cake and other food items for your child's birthday party.

Child birthday parties for under $100

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