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Birthday Camping Party

Find the Perfect Birthday Party Theme.

Planning a campout party is easy and just involves some advance planning. Avoid having a campout party on a school night or near a holiday. Friday or Saturday nights are usually the best for a these type of parties.

Camping does not have to be out in the wilderness. In fact a campout party can be right in your back yard. For children, it is not so much the location that the children love, it's the experience. Kids will love lying outside in a tent, listening to the night sounds, telling stories, roasting marshmallows, etc. Another advantage to having a campout party at home is that if weather changes, the party can easily be moved inside. Check the weather forecast and have a backup plan if the weather turns bad.

Camping is a seasonal activity. If your child's birthday is in late fall or winter, outdoor camping may not be an option. However, have you ever heard of "Indoor camping". Yes, set up little tents indoors. You could call it a "Camping sleep-over party".

The hosting parent should take extra caution to ensure the safety and adequate supervision of the kids. Sometimes, depending on the size of the group, it may be better to have another parent to help chaperone.

Creative Birthday Party Ideas:


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