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Birthday Party at a Museum

1st birthday to preteen birthday

Check out what you local Children's museum, science museum, animal museum, farm park, space museum, aviation museum, historical museum, mariners museum, or nature park has to offer.

Many museums have Child Party Packages to offer. There is one in my area that will book parties for any number of guests. They provide museum admission, a meeting room, and even a museum attendant that puts on an animal show followed by an animal petting or touching experience for the kids.

Check you local museum website for their birthday party accommodations. Here is a museum in my area that my daughter loves to visit. See the Birthday Club and Parties offered here by the Virginia Living Museum . They provide games and activities and and opportunity for the children to meet the animals.

This is fun, educational, and a unique child birthday party idea. You may have a museum in or near your area that your child will adore.

Creative Birthday Party Ideas:

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