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Birthday Tea Party with Dress-up

Find the Perfect Birthday Party Theme.

Find the right Birthday Costume

A tea party with dress-up is a lot of fun for girls. Princess dress-up, or royalty dress-up and tea make for lots of fun and great picture taking. Play tea cups and saucers can be found at a party supply or theme store. If you want to host and supply your own dress-up tea birthday party, you can find many interesting costumes at Dollar Store or discount center like Wal-Mart or party theme shops.

If you don't want the hassle of providing the dress-up, you could have each attending child bring their own costume for the tea party.

Another popular idea for dress-up or tea parties is to utilize a local party center that specializes in hosting themes parties. Some of these party centers are already equipped with dress-up costumes, utensils, and theme decorations. This is a great option if you want to just show up for the party and leave the clean up behind.

Creative Birthday Party Ideas:

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