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Bowling Party

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Do you think your child would like to attend a bowling birthday party? This idea creates a lot of fun for all that attend. This is not just a teenager and up sport. Kids as young as 5 can have fun with the experience of watching the ball roll down the lane. Bowling centers have great accommodations for kids of all ages. They can put bumpers in the gutters and they also have ball aimers that allow little kids to roll the ball without having to carry the ball.

Aside from the game itself, bowling centers can make a great party location. Birthday party packages are usually available. A typical bowling package will provide a table or room, balloons, choice of food and drink, 2 hours of bowling, lanes depending on the size of your party, and some may even provide a remembrance item such as an actual bowling pin for the kids to autograph.

Here are some tips for parents and adults to consider when planning a bowling birthday party:

  • Check with several bowling centers in your area. Packages and prices vary.
  • Plan on reserving your party as soon as possible. 1-2 months ahead of time.
  • Plan to secure your birthday party date with a deposit
  • Ask the center when their league days are. Most bowling centers have regular league days or nights. You may want to stay away from having your child's party on a league day because of the crowds and atmosphere.
  • Ask the bowling center if they have smoke free areas. Some center may be entirely smoke free. In our area most centers allow smoking. If smoking is allowed and your prefer non-smoking, ask the bowling center if they can place your party away from the majority of the crowd.
  • Visit the bowling center you are considering for your child's party to make sure it offers the appearance, atmosphere, cleanliness, and value that you expect.

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