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Children's Books

Books make great birthday gifts for children. Children love books. Even infants like to stroll colorful pages with their curious eyes while mommy or daddy reads to them. Books make perfect gifts for children of all ages.

Childrens Classics

Children's Books can satisfy a variety of interests and be entertaining. For example, there are many Children's Classic books (standards) that make great gifts for young readers: The Cat in the Hat, Where the Wild Things Are, Charlottes Web, and Huckleberry Finn are all great classic children's books.

Fairy Tales

Then what about helping your child explore their immagination with Fairy Tale books by Hans Christian Andersen, or Classic Grimm's Fairy Tale books.

Literary and Poetry

For the more advanced reader, there are many great Literary Children's Classics like: The Jungle Book, The Kingfisher Book of Stories, and Little Women.

Children's poetry books can entertain and inspire your child's imagination, thinking, and interpretation.

Series Books

Finally, many children love the Series Books that are famous and drive children to want to read. Examples include: The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, and The Boxcar Children Mysteries. Whatever your child likes, books can be found that appeal to their interest. What better gift can someone give a child than one that encourages and develops a love for reading.

Try this for your child's next birthday party. Gather the children around in a circle, seated on the floor. Let the children know that you are going to read them a book or story. Encourage them to listen closely because at the end their is going to be some questions and rewards. Have an adult read an interesting book or tale from a great series book. At the end of the story, ask the children a series of questions relating to the story. Call on the first child that raises their hand for the answer. If they are correct, give them an additional party favor. Have a list of about 15 questions ready before this activity. Make the questions interesting and creative so the children can use their imagination to expand on the story with their own creative thoughts. Some questions can be "a matter of fact" relating to the story, while others can challenge their creative thinking. This is an easy activity to plan and provides a lot of birthday party fun.

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