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Child Birthday Party Scheduling & Guests

Selecting a Date for your Child's Party

Party DatesIt would be a perfect world if every child could have their birthday party actually on their birth day. However, today's world consists of holidays, schedules, and other factors. First look at the child's actual birth date and work from there. It is not a good idea to schedule your child's party on a holiday, because some businesses are closed and guests often have traditions of being at certain family events. If you are having a home birthday party that is at a holiday time like Christmas or Halloween, then unless you are planning on having those decorations as your theme, you may want to schedule two weeks ahead or behind those holidays. If the birthday falls on or near a holiday, for attendance purposes, you may want to have the party at least a week before or after the holiday. Remember the most important person to attend the birthday party is the birthday child. Check your birthday child's calendar schedule of upcoming events. Then, look at your schedule for possible conflicts. Sunday afternoon parties allow for preparation and higher guest attendance. Sunday is typically a morning religious school day. Starting the party at 12:30 pm, you will need to provide a lunch as is the typical custom. If the party is only to last two hours and begins at 2pm, then you can get away with just cake and ice-cream. If the party starts anytime after 4pm, then plan on serving dinner.

Once you have picked a date and time using the above you will need to check it against your desired party location for possible conflicts and to obtain reservations if required.

Things to Consider when Inviting Guests

Not everyone will be able to attend. Don't feel bad if someone can't come. Your child will be happy knowing you are there along with other family/friends. Generally close family and friends try to attend. Neighbors, old friends, current friends, religious school friends, general school friends, as well as special friends from sports and social clubs can all be seen as possible guests to be invited.

I have found that child birthday party attendance will typically be about two-thirds of all children invited.  Ivite more than you want to be present or your child may have a party with an unexpectedly low attendance. There is no need to change the date to suit a particular particular person because you never know when an unexpected illness or schedule conflict can arise.  Tell your child this from the beginning so he/she will be accepting of those who are attending.

Send birthday party invitations to children who you know their mailing address and phone number.  It's also possible to hand deliver invitations to neighbors and friends that live close by.  For large parties you may want to include an instruction to RSVP.  Since you never know if an invitation has been received or not due to mail and other issues, it's ok to call If you do not receive an RSVP by a week before the party to get an accurate party attendance number.

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