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Costume Party

A costume birthday party is a lot of fun for kids. Children love to pretend and dress up like their favorite storybook character or in classic outfits like a Fairy, Fireman, Pirate, or a Princess. Costume parties are popular all year.

You can find a variety of costumes that your child is sure to love. Costumes can usually be easily found at party or theme shops. Costumes tend to be seasonal items. Check the party supply section at your local retailer first. If you have difficulty finding a new or different costume, try some online retailers.

For ideas on planning your child's costume party, visit our Themes page or shop a variety of children birthday party themes here.

You help your child make a costume. Most craft stores have material, paints, markers, adhesives, etc. that can be used to create a memorable costume.

Creative Birthday Party Ideas:

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