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Creative Birthday Party Ideas

Unique Birthday Party Venues and Activities

If you are tired of the same old "ho, hum" birthday party, like pizza parties at home, or the usual quick fix places like fast food restaurants or other party centers, then try one of these great party ideas for your next child birthday party. These party activities are sure to create a lot of interest and make people want to bring their kids.

Child birthday parties for under $100

The ideas here are not just Theme Party Ideas with birthday cake and favors. They are unique party ideas and will provide memorable birthday party experiences for your kid and all that attend.

To plan a unique birthday party for your child, you should consider thinking "outside the box" a little. I know it's an old cliche but you should try it sometime.

Below are just a few birthday party ideas to consider. Some of them may depend on what you have access to in your area, or may require a short drive to a neighboring town or city. There is sure to be a child birthday party idea here for everybody.

Safety First with any Birthday Party Event that you may plan

As always, a part of your responsibility is to exercise the utmost care and safety with any activity you plan. Some activities may require a professional such as a lifeguard, attendant, or assistant to help provide for the safety of all.


Destination Parties

Train Parties

Museum Parties

Outdoor Park Parties

Amusement Park Parties

Water Park Parties

Zoo Parties

Dolphin Cruise

Sleep-over Parties

Dress-up / Tea Parties

Costume Parties

Bowling Parties

Campout Parties

Dance Parties

Ice Skating Parties

Gymnastics Parties

Inflatable Play Centers

Nature Hunt Parties

Sporting Event Parties


Also, see our ideas for child birthday party entertainers that your child and guests will love.

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