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Deciding the Birthday Party Location

Where to Have your Child Birthday Party

I prefer planning a child birthday party that is indoors. No worries about it being too cold or hot, rain, wind, bugs, or other uninvited guests! The first step is always to decide on a place for the child birthday party. Several factors need to be taken into consideration when deciding what is right for you!

The ultimate decision will rest mainly on how much money you have budgeted and how much time you can allot for birthday party preparation. Remember to be mindful of resources and locations in your area that may help to bring down the overall costs and birthday party preparation time. Resources can include your home, a relative's home, homeowners association meeting rooms, religious halls, community center halls, public locations, and advertised party centers.

Child Birthday Parties at Home

Parties at HomeHome birthday parties are a favorite of many children. Of all birthday parties that my daughter has had, her favorite parties have been home parties. Birthday parties at home are great if you have enough room available to accommodate the number of guests that will be attending and the birthday party activities you wish to do. Home birthday parties can provide a more comfortable, relaxed environment for having friends over to celebrate. Child birthday parties at home are great for keeping-up with young babies, toddlers, and pre-school children. For older children, birthday party venues outside of the home are usually more suitable because of the space required and party entertainment expectations of older children.

The positives of a child birthday party at home include: 1) no deposit or rental fee, 2) no menu restrictions, 3) no decorating restrictions, 4) no activity restrictions, 5) not hurried in transporting party supplies and gifts, 6) you're available to answer phone calls from guests asking last minute questions, 7) being able to set up the room/rooms as you wish at your own leisure, 8) having a place open for both early arrivals and late staying stragglers, 9) not having to pay any preset fee for each guest or for a preset party size, and 10) having a more flexible yet less expensive budget.

The negatives of a child birthday party at home include: 1) allowing sufficient time to clean-up house before the party and after the party is over, 2) allowing time to party proof the house of breakables and potentially dangerous materials/objects, 3) remembering to purchase foods and drinks that won't damage your floors/furniture, and 4) being flexible with back-up activities should a planned entertainer cancel/fail to show.

Child Birthday Parties at Public Locations

If you are a member of a community center, homeowners association, or place of worship, you may be able to schedule and reserve a room for your child birthday party. Birthday parties at such public locations are usually inexpensive and some may even be free with a security deposit. When considering a public location for your child birthday party, plan to arrive early to set up and apply birthday party decorations. Also, don't forget about planning to transport birthday party supplies and gifts to and from the party location. Be aware of restrictions at the birthday party location, you may be limited to certain birthday party decorations, birthday party foods and drinks, birthday party games, and birthday party activities. At the conclusion of the party, plan to provide for clean-up.

Other public locations for a child birthday party can include libraries, museums, zoos, schools, city/county recreational centers, and historical sites. They may have pre-set child birthday party packages, large group packages or discounts, or party rooms available. The positives of using some public locations for a child birthday party are that the site/setting itself may provide the birthday party entertainment or birthday party decorations, and they often will assign a person to assist with the party. However, there may be limitations on party group size, party decorations, party foods and drinks, birthday party favors, and party activities. You will probably need to schedule and reserve two to three months in advance to get the date and time you want.

Kid Birthday Parties at Advertised Party Centers

Advertised party centers are a great choice for people who do not have time for setting up and planning a custom child birthday party. Commercial party centers can be a great option for those who just want to show up and start enjoying the party. However, full service party centers can cost more than throwing your own party because of the convenience of staff support. Party centers may be of a chain-store variety or privately owned. They may be of an athletic theme such as: Bouncing/sliding/climbing inflatables attractions, Bowling birthday partyMartial Arts, Skating, Bowling, Gymnastics, and Indoor water parks. Other commercial party centers may include Tea Parties, Art & Crafts, Movie Cinemas and Theatres, or Arcades. Commercial party centers often require a deposit for party reservations. It is often necessary to schedule two to three months ahead of time to get the date and time you wish. They often have set party sizes or charge a fee per guest. The really great positive with party centers is that they often provide birthday party packages that include birthday party invitations, party food, birthday party decorations and supplies, and party entertainment. Some have restrictions on bringing in your own food and drinks. The party center itself is the decoration and/or entertainment. Another positive is you are often assigned a person to assist with the party and to clean up. A positive in using a smaller location such as a Tea Party, Martial Arts party, or Gymnastics Center party is that your party will generally be more organized due to being the only one being serviced at the time. Larger centers are best left for children in elementary, middle, or high school. The downside of some larger commercial party locations such as an Arcades, Skating Rinks, Indoor water parks, Movie Cinemas and Theatres, Recreation Inflatables, and Bowling Halls is there are generally several parties occurring simultaneously. Therefore, they can be less organized (chaotic) and require more adult supervision for safety purposes.

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