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Destination Birthday Party

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I heard of this idea from another parent who really didn't know what to do for her daughter's birthday party. She was planning something at the last minute and knew her family was going to be visiting from out of town. She came up with this clever idea and called it a "destination party". In the end, it appeared to be genius.

Her family was not that familiar with the area, so the child's mom planned to use her daughter's party as a way to show them around the city. When the guests arrived, they all jumped into a few vehicles and started a tour of some hot spots in the city. For example: Historic Memorials, Childrens Play Park, Local Museum, and finally a restaurant. She said the kids loved it because they got to do things they normally don't take advantage of. Overall, the destination party was a huge success for her, and the kids got their cake, pizza, favors, and presents.

You may try variations of this idea depending on what is available to you. Know how much time you will need. Plan ahead where you want to go and where you want to end up.

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