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Birthday Party Invitation Options

Creating Birthday Party Invitations

Soccer theme If you want the invitations to reflect the birthday party theme, then you may need to find, make, or secure the invitations 5 to 6 weeks before the set party date. Invitations need to be mailed out 3 weeks before your party date. I always include directions to the birthday party location on a separate slip of paper to avoid late or lost guest arrivals. Order birthday party invitations here, or read on and learn how to make your own.

The invitations should have several parts included: They should specify either Birthday Party, Birthday Celebration, Party, the name of the theme party, and/or Costume Party; To whom the party is for; On what day of the week and the exact date; The exact time the party is to begin; If there is an ending time set; The name of the location; The exact street address and city; The R.S.V.P. (Translated "Please Reply) should indicate whom to call, the date to call back by, and a phone number; and Let guests know there will be lunch or dinner by indicating the main food item.

Here is an example of the inside of a birthday party Invitation:

The envelope should include a complete mailing address and return address. The invitations should be addressed to a specific child. However, if the child is young and you do not want the party to turn into a Daycare Center. Then, write (plus one adult) on the envelope next to the child's name. Add to the excitement of receiving a birthday invitation by placing a Themed postage stamp on the envelope! Guests who are neighbors living close by may be handed their invitation.

Writing information in the blank spaces of store bought invitations for a lot of guests can be quite time consuming. If you have a heavier stock copy paper, then you might consider using a computer to print the information. Copy and paste 3 sets of the invitation information so you have 4 to a page. Print the information for as many invitations as you will be sending out. Next, cut out into 4 pieces. Using a glue stick put the invitation information right over the preprinted invitation section of the card. Customized invitations from a Print Shop are a lot more expensive and may take more time to receive then you have allotted.

There are several great high quality commercial websites that offer personalized children's birthday party invitations, either individually or as part of a theme package. One such site that I like is Birthday in a Box.

Visit our Party Invitations resources area for a variety of invitation suppliers.

Some sites provide basic instructions on how to make your own free printable kids birthday invitations and envelopes as well as greeting cards for many other occasions. All that is needed is a home computer, color printer, and a glue stick.

Personalized invitations

It is a good idea to keep a complete list of invited guests near the phone to keep record of who will be attending. Remember to call the guests if you have not heard from them one week from the party date for a final number. Some people include slips of paper indicating where a child is registered for birthday gifts. I choose to keep a list of my child's requested gift ideas near the phone. This allows guests to feel free to shop at their favorite places. Also, parents may have questions about your child's birthday gift interests.

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Childrens Birthday Party Planning Essentials:

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