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Child Birthday Party Itinerary

Birthday Party Schedule of Events

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A Children's Birthday Party flow can be chaotic unless you have a general idea as to the key activities you wish to accomplish. An itinerary will help keep your child's party organized and flowing.

Most activities generally occur at a rather fast pace, so do not worry if things don't go exactly as planned. Sometimes there may be a delay in a cooked or delivered food item, thereby requiring activities to be switched around. With an itinerary, adapting and controlling the flow of the birthday party can be easy.

I like to make and post a written "Itinerary of Events" for my child's birthday party to keep on track and as a way to let other adults know the party plans. Here is an example of a Home Birthday Party Itinerary:

Itinerary of Events

1) Guest Arrival (A) Greet guests and place presents out-of-view. (B) Put away coats. (C) Use restroom as needed.
2) Sit and Play (A) Wear party hats. (B) Open Favor Gift Goody Bags (Whistles/noise makers, jewelry, toys). (C) Decorate and sign large theme toy for Birthday child.
3) Arts & Crafts (A) Decorate themed party gift toys with markers. (B) Decorate bag for Pinata contents to be found. (C) Personalize themed cookies with decorative icing, to eat later.
4) Eat Main food course item with side item. Drinks served.
5) Sing "Happy Birthday" with candles lit and then eat cake and ice-cream.
6) Games for Children

(A) Treasure Hunt

(B) Pinata

(C) Pin the Tail on the Donkey (themed variation)

(D) Bobbing for apples (themed variation)

7) Adult Games

(A) Eating Contest

(B) Guess the weight of an abject

(C) Guess what is inside a wrapped gift box with clues

8) Time to go

(A) Guests gather their Arts & Crafts, prizes, favor gift goody bags, Pinata gift bags and a balloon

(B) Guests are thanked for their birthday presents and for coming.

Handling Birthday Presents

I like to place birthday presents in a closet or on a table out-of sight. I do not like to have the presents opened during the party for several reasons. The main reason is I believe in personalized "Thank You" cards . I like every guest to know my child appreciates their specific gift. Birthday cards can be easily lost or misplaced if presents are opened during the party. Toys and books can be broken or destroyed as children struggle over seeing or playing with them. A parent really can never know what comment a child will say with a surprise gift.

Commercial Locations for Birthday Party

Advertised Party Centers usually have an assigned person directing the flow of a party. They may provide entertainment for an hour and eating and other activities may be for the next hour. It is a good idea to check with the facility to find out exactly what they offer and the amount of time allowed for your child's birthday party.


I was so at a loss for how to time the little events during my daughter's 1st birthday and I found this by typing in 'example of a child's birthday party'. Thank you so much! This was a lifesaver! Now my head is not as scattered as before and I am at ease with how things are going to go. At least now I won't be as lost during the party b/c I'll have some kind of a guide to see me through it. For the millionth time, thanks again!

this is good, thanks a million

These are all great ideas! I love them and can't wait to have my little boys first birthday party.

I love how you have everything all mapped out. I'm using your itinerary as a guide for my son's first birthday. Now that I've got some ideas from you, I feel more prepared and excited for his big day to be here! Thank you so much! God bless.

wow thanks for this itinerary guide! my son is having his 1st birthday! thanks so much for this!

I totally agree with opening gifts in private later!!!! thanks for supporting my non traditional opinion!!!!

Finding a detailed itinerary for my children's upcoming birthday was becoming a nightmare until I came across this..thank you it was very helpful.

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