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How to plan a Themed Child Birthday Party

Choosing a Great Birthday Party Theme

After deciding on the Party location, time, and date, it is time to choose the theme! You may need to decide on the theme 5-6 weeks ahead of the party date. This will allow you time to find, make, or secure the party invitations, so they can be mailed out 3 weeks prior to the party date. Again, as with choosing a location, the ultimate decision will rest mainly on how much money you have budgeted and how much time you have for party preparation.

Choosing the theme may seem simple, because you may already have one in mind. However, it may not be so easy to find all the party supplies: Invitations, decorations, party favors/supplies, costumes, entertainment, activities, and games, Thank You cards, and refreshments. You may need to rethink the theme based on your party location and the seasonal availability of your Party Supplies. However, any theme is possible as long as you are flexible, and in some cases, crafty. Items can be located in your local department stores, party stores, or online. How far you carry out your theme in your party supplies and ingredients is up to you.

Home made costumesI once made the mistake of promising my 4 year old daughter that she could have a costume/theme party based on a popular Disney movie that had recently come out. I figured on finding the costume and party supplies in the stores or on-line! They were not to be found. The clown-fish costume proved to be quite time consuming and challenging for me to construct. I had to be even more creative with decorations, games, and activities etc. Now, my child and I look together in stores and on-line before making any final decisions!

It is possible and exciting to combine two themes at once. A costume theme along with your child's favorite interest or a recent popular movie can be a big hit. A short-cut in deciding on a theme is to look at the location. Many party centers will supply a number of your party ingredients. Then, just build on your location as the theme, such as bowling. If you are short on time, then just use a standard Birthday theme of balloons and "Happy Birthday" or another easily found favorite interest of your child's.

It may be easier and cheaper to use a popular holiday as your birthday party theme if your party location is currently decorated for the holiday. The decorations and supplies tend to be plentiful. However, I do not recommend having the party on the actual day of the holiday. People tend to have traditional customs of being at a certain place or with a certain person during the holidays. I recommend at least a week between the holiday and the party.

Themed party balloonsTheme Party Balloons can be bought in advance from various sources. Many stores will blow up your balloons with helium for a minor fee, even if they were not purchased in their store. Mylar balloons with helium are more durable and last up to several days. Rubber Latex balloons may only float for 6 hours with helium, however they are cost less. As an alternative, balloons can be blown-up with air at no cost several days before the party. Of course, they won't be able to float in the air. However, Static Electricity supplied by rubbing them on cotton clothing or recently washed hair may make them stay on the wall for hours. Balloons will pop if stored or transported in a trash bag or placed in the trunk of a car. Investing in the appropriate balloon weights will help to better manage the balloons.

Look at your resources and then decide what is best for you. When ordering supplies, be sure to think about the time required to receive your supplies. Many online, website orders can typically be received in 1 to 3 days; while, traditional catalogue orders may require several weeks for delivery. Sometimes online orders do not require shipping charges, whereas catalogue orders often do. Delivery charges may vary. To limit shipping charges, consider ordering supplies from as few vendors as necessary.


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