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Ice Skating Party

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If you have an Ice Skating rink in your area, check to see if they have birthday packages. Most ice skating centers have separate rooms for group parties. Most will not allow you to bring outside food in but usually allow you to bring your own birthday cake or other dessert. Ask about food and drink menu options. Most offer a choice of pizza, chicken tenders, or some other finger food.

Be sure to plan ahead. Call several months ahead of time to find available dates. Most ice skating rinks have their own schedule of events and it can sometimes be difficult to get a spot unless you call well in advance. Also, ice skating centers have time frames called "free skate" or "public skate". These time frames are for general public skating. Your party will likely need to be held during a public skating time. "Off" times are usually times when skating rinks give lessons or have rehearsals or hockey games.

Ice skating is a fun activity but be careful of the risks. There may be a lot of people on the ice. Be sure to remind guests that they do not have to go on the ice if the are inexperienced or just don't want to. Ice skating is a dangerous activity and the utmost care and supervision should be taken by all who choose to skate. My 7 year old daughter has had ice skating lesson for over 2 years now and she is what I consider to good skater. However, she still never goes out on the ice without a helmet and gloves. You also may want to use elbow and knee pads while skating. Most ice skating centers do not provide helmet, gloves, elbow, or knee pads. They usually only provide the skates. If you, your child, or any of your party guests plan to skate, be sure to use and encourage adequate protection and supervision.

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Ice Skating Party

My daughter is having an ice skating party. Thank you so much for the tips about gloves, knee/elbow pads . . . . a great idea.

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