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Birthday Party Theme Decorating Ideas

Creative Homemade Birthday Party Theme Decorations

Here are my secret ideas to turn generic items into theme "Party Ingredients". These are a back-up for expensive party supplies or hard-to-find theme items. This section is to be considered after deciding on your party theme(s) and after consulting your resources and supplies. If you are determined to have a specific theme and have plenty of allotted time, then you may want to try my ideas. It requires a little bit of creativity from you and/or your friends or family.

Once the theme is decided, visualize what 2 colors come to mind. Then, visualize what dominating shapes or characters are apparent in your theme. Examples would be: Racing cars, a particular Princess, an Animal (real or imaginary), Bowling pins and balls, Clowns, Construction tools, Athletic equipment, a Super Hero, a favorite Toy, Trains, etc.

Buy items that are in your 2 colors and/or that match your visualized shape or character. You can buy crepe paper, streamers, invitations, thank you cards, Mylar or rubber helium balloons, cups, plates, plastic ware, napkins, party hats, plastic table covers, and gift wrap. As long as somebody isn't eating directly off a specific surface then plastic, rubber, or paper supplies can be personalized, written on or decorated with permanent ink. Buy thin or thick permanent markers and rubber stamps with different color pads with your party theme shapes, characters, and colors. White sandwich bags can be easily decorated with a rubber stamp, permanent markers, or crayons. They make great goody bags, gift bags, and puppets.

Homemade BackdropsLook at toy departments for miniature toys that match your theme colors, shapes, or characters. They can be put on a cake as decoration. Your child's largest toys can be used as table decoration if they are clean.

To create backdrops, games, hangings yard flags, or banners use the following ideas: New clean white shower curtains bought at any dollar store can be transformed with permanent markers and a waterproof adhesive for plastics found at your local hardware store. 100% Sports Nylon or Rip Stop Nylon Fabric can be drawn on with fabric paints or fabric markers. Each generic item can be transformed into the theme by tracing familiar shapes or using a copier for larger images.

Homemade Yard FlagHomemade Yard Flag

Homemade Yard Flags for your Child's Birthday Party

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