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Inflatable Party Equipment and Activities

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I haven't seen many kids that didn't absolutely love jumping around in an inflatable jumping room or sliding down an inflatable slide. Once, my daughter was a guest at another child's party who had a birthday party at their home. The parent had rented several inflatables that were set up in their front yard for the kids to enjoy.

There are various inflatable party attractions to consider. Some inflatable activities include:

  • Inflatable Jumping room
  • Inflatable Slide
  • Inflatable Maze
  • Inflatable Animals / Dragons
  • Inflatable Velcro Wall

Last year my daughter's school hosted an International Children's Festival for parents and students of the school. There were many activities planned at the festival. However, the inflatable attractions were by far the biggest hit. The lines were long and the kids didn't mind waiting their turn. The biggest hit was the "Velcro Wall". My husband was an attendant for this attraction. The kids were suited up with a Velcro suit that fit over their cloths. Kids had to remove their shoes. The kids were then helped up onto the inflatable unit one at a time. They began to slowly bounce their way towards an inflatable wall. They jumped as high as they could and at the last second, threw themselves against the Velcro wall and stuck there until an attendant pulled them off the wall. The laughs and fun lasted for hours.

You may have an actual Inflatable Attraction Party Center in your area that can host your child's party. Check your local area for such a facility. If there is not an inflatable party facility near you, then check for a rental company that can bring the inflatable attractions to your home or other party location. Ask the rental company about their terms of use. Find out if they provide supervision. Some inflatable rental companies will not only set up the equipment, but also attend the unit to help kids in and out of the attraction.

It is always recommended to have parental oversight while your children are using these attractions. Don't leave the supervision of your young children up to an attendant.

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