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Birthday Thank You Card Options

Thank You Notes from your Child

Thank You Notes let everyone know how much they were appreciated for attending your child's birthday party. They allow a child to be involved in showing gratitude. Children can help select cards. The birthday child can even thank the other parents for helping make their party a success.

The cards should be written to the guest from the birthday child or their parent. I write notes in the card from my child and then I simply have my child sign the card. It is faster than having the child personally write a note on each card. My child then personalizes the blank side of the card with pictures using crayons. I like to thank all guests for helping to celebrate the happy occasion. In the thank you note, the child mentions the gift and states anything noteworthy about it. For example, "I went to sleep holding the doll", or "I have watched the DVD every day since the party".

You have several choices when deciding how to say "Thank You":

*** Order Theme Cards ***


*** Online printable Thank You cards ***


Free printable Thank You cards and envelopes can be made and printed on your home printer using simple instructions. You can do a web search and find printable cards. Keep in mind that many sites that offer free printable card will usually offer few options and may not be very customizable.

Free Print and Color Cards by Fisher Price has some very cute drawings that can be printed in card format and colored with crayons or markers. Other occasion cards are also available.

Other premium customize and print sites are also available online. Just do a web search and carefully read the terms and prices before buying.

*** Hand-made "Thank You" created by your child ***

Home-made "Thank You" from ChildA personalized hand-made picture is recommended for a really exceptional gift from a family member or loved one. When your child puts crayon to the paper, the most wonderful and sincerest appreciation is shown. If you encourage your child to make the hand-made thank you, be sure they know who they are making the card for and for what gift. Encourage your child to use care in expressing themselves.

A child can use a standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper in the color of their choice. They can use crayons, colored pencils, or markers. The paper is decorated by your child with a hand-drawn picture and the words "Thank You". The child can sign their name at the bottom.

The card can either be placed in an envelope to be mailed or it can be scanned to be sent by e-mail. Scanned copies can be saved for safe keeping to create memories for a child to view again as they get older.

Childrens Birthday Party Planning Essentials:

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