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Outdoor Park Birthday Party

Find the Perfect Birthday Party Theme.

Have a look at the activities and fun that an outdoor park can offer. Some may be appropriate activities for a birthday party. This is the Newport News Park of Newport News, Virginia. Check out what your local parks and recreation has to offer.

On a nice weather day, outdoor parks can make great venues for birthday party fun. Some places offer shelters and an attached grill for cooking out. Most city or county parks will offer this type of location for a party gathering.

There is one such park in my area that is located on the city reservoir. They not only provide the usual swings and slides, but also offer swimming, paddle boats, canoeing, and fishing. Of course, extra caution should be taken at any party located near water. Don't let young children wander off without proper supervision.

If you choose an outdoor park for your child's party, be sure to plan ahead. Park shelters usually have to be reserved in advance. Also, consider the time of year and weather. You may want to have a backup plan in case bad weather is forecasted.

Creative Birthday Party Ideas:

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