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Birthday Party at your Childs favorite Sporting Event

Find the Perfect Birthday Party Theme.

Would you child enjoy being a spectator at their favorite sporting game: Baseball games, Soccer games, Basketball games, or Football games. I am not speaking of only professional event, but also college or local league events. We have a AAA baseball team in our area. The stadium is as nice as a lot of major league teams. It offers the full experience of a major league game, such as: Attendants selling popcorn and drinks, lots of food, gift shops selling memorabilia, games, as well as the lights and sounds.

Explore the possibilities in your area. Some facilities may provide birthday packages in their restaurant or skybox area. I attended one party that was set up in left field at a baseball game. It had a nice picnic table area and a shelter.

If you do not have a major facility near you, then think about college games in your area. You could visit your local college or go online and find their sporting event schedules for the year. A smaller facility may not provide a party package, but you could make the event a part of the overall party plan. The kids could have an eat-out either before or after the event.

Creative Birthday Party Ideas:

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