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Treat your Birthday Child to a Dolphin Cruise

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We live near the Chesapeake Bay. Every year around spring, when the dolphins are running, charter boats are available to cruise the bay for dolphin watching. The cruises are available most anytime just for the open water experience.

My daughter was invited to one of her friend's birthday parties. The party was at a shelter where the kids had the usual food, cake, favors, and presents. Then the group went to catch their dolphin cruise. It was an exciting experience for the kids. They had never seen real dolphins jumping in and out of the water before...just like on T.V. The kids were allowed to throw food overboard to feed the dolphins. It was an experience of a lifetime for my daughter and could be for your child as well.

If you have a lake, bay, or large river near you, check to see if cruise packages are available. Especially cruises that cater to children. Some may even host you child's birthday party.

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